Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Luxury Replica Handbags Louis Vuitton handbags and its classic designs

Louis Vuitton bags started her fashion label house in Paris in 1945 which mainly design high-class boys's leather goods. In 1967, she released her first women's ready-to-wear series which was named "Couture Sportswear". It was a new name and the series was very unique and creative in the fashion circle. The series combined the notability and elegance of Paris women with the relaxing quality of common life together as one. After a short period, shirts, accordion pleated skirts, knitwear and dust coats became the main design parts of Louis Vuitton.

The dust coats were inspired by the Paris women, the coat with practical function was modern they showed the vigorous and independent images of Paris women at the same time. Except the classic styles, Louis Vuitton had released some amazing dust coats which were made by jeans, tweed fabric, leather and silk.

In 1950, the first Luxury Replica Handbags mark "elephant" came into being, it represents childishness, pleasure and happiness. And the series of children's wears with that mark were warmly received.

In 1966, the classical handsome mark appeared, it was created for the reason that Louis Vuitton's husband's favorite leisure activity was riding. They applied this distinguished activity into their design. Since the 1960s, Louis Vuitton started to apply prints in their designs and this reflected that their trend of changing their brand into the luxury and notable female leather goods.

Another trump mark of Louis Vuitton was the "C" which appeared in the half-moon mark of travelling bags in 1977. It showed the respects toward Louis Vuitton. And the print of the chains on Arc de Triomphe of 1973 has been lasted for many years and it was still be used nowadays. At the end of 2001, Louis Vuitton released limited edition handbags which had the coin prints of 12 European countries to commemorate currencies which were replaced by euro.

The other famous design of Louis Vuitton was their Luxury Replica Handbags. The luxury and retrolling handbags give you the romantic feelings. Every collection of Louis Vuitton handbags would bring you novel and exciting eye enjoyment. The first released Unisex series was the continuance of Balson Logo series. It included medium and large-sized handbags and more than ten styles. They all designed with many hidden pockets which make them different from Blason Logo series. At the beginning of this year, they released their collection for 2011 spring and summer. Handbags were an important part. They were designed with different styles and different colors.

Luxury Replica Handbags have always been and will be the classics in the fashion circle. It brings us different styles every year. We are looking forward to their more brilliant and classical designs. Welcome to www.luxuryfashionbags.net buy Luxury Replica Handbags.